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Technical Training
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Installation Instruction


1.   Responsibility Scope:


Contract equipment supplied by the seller shall be installed, adjusted and tested by the seller under the supervision and guidance of the seller’s engineers in accordance with the technical documents, inspection standards, drawings and instructions provided by the seller. The buyer should provide relevant personnel, facilities, materials and tools to assist the installation work, adjust and inspection.

Seller’s engineers train the end user’s staff to operate the machines at site

Seller shall provide foundation layout drawing within 20 days from order confirmation.

Part books and operation & maintenance instructions are available. The language used in the computer system shall be Chinese or English.


2.   Installation period:


Installation shall be started from the date the seller’s personnel arriving on the site. Installation period is planned to be around thirty (30) working days in total.

3.   Personnel for Installation:


When installation starts, the Seller will dispatch three (3) engineers and one (1) translator to the site to provide supervision and installation service.


4.   Buyer Should Provide:

All the charges for engineers and translator (like air tickets, accommodation, food, communication, local transport charges, charges for applying visas and so on) shall be for the buyer’s account. Accommodation for engineers and translator should be standard double room with bathroom.

The buyer shall provide all necessary facility for engineers and translator of Vanjoin Group such as office with air conditioner, internet, fax machine, telephone, etc.

Buyer shall provide at least 6 local workers, and the workers required related to installation work will be listed after confirmation of the equipments and plant design.

The buyer needs to prepare the hoisting equipment, welding cut bit, acetylene gas and oxygen and gas pipe, and fitting tools and foundation construction. Scaffold for installation of building enclosed construction.


   Notes: For related charges, please directly contact VANJOIN via [email protected]

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